Reminiscing About The Matterhorn Part IV

It was starting to get late, and the sun was dropping fast - I really wanted to stay a bit longer to get the full sunset for my panorama, but missing the train and hiking down the mountain in the dark seemed as wise as bringing a knife to a gunfight, so I packed my gear and headed back to the station. 

Of course, being a photographer, I couldn't help but turn my head back and glance at the Matterhorn every few minutes to see if the sky was producing anything interesting.  Given the lack of time, I should have really just concentrated on getting back to the station, but alas, I couldn't resist getting one more shot in, so against better judgement, I quickly set up my camera and fired off a few frames.


Hmm, not that inspiring of a shot, is it?  The sky seems a bit washed out, and despite it being overly bright, it's still tough to make out the details in the mountain range.  Well, if you haven't guessed from the previous posts, I'm quite the fan of HDR photography, and as I was setting up my tripod, I already knew I'd need more than one shot to get the picture I wanted.  


And that's that -  the product of the last set of pictures I took of the Matterhorn that trip (hoping for another one in the future!)  Some people might find it too heavily processed,  but I was going for a surrealistic effect, and it really shines printed on metallic paper.  

Alas, I digress - I sprinted as best I could back to the station, and made it back with 3 minutes to spare.  All in all, it was an exhilarating trip up to Gorergrat, and I highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in the beauty this world has to offer.

To wrap this series of posts up, here's your random fact of the day.  Many people have asked me why I named the panorama "Toblerone Piece".  The reason is actually pretty simple - the logo of Toblerone (the chocolate bar) is actually the Matterhorn - check it out below!